Patricia C. Brooks, The Courage Catalyst

The Courage Catalyst

Inspiring Calm Confidence for BOLD Action


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Get Inspired. Be Empowered. Change your Life!


Whether you want to find the courage to change careers, lose weight, or get organized, once and for all, there is something here for you.

Through in-person workshops, mastermind groups, and online seminars, Patricia Brooks teaches key life skills that create positive, sustained change in your life.

By focusing on the key areas below she propels you into meaningful action and onward, toward success:

  • Getting organized
  • Creating and following effective, workable plans
  • Overcoming resistance and taking action
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Developing emotional self-discipline

Patricia has faced challenges head-on and become a self-mastery expert in the process.  Now her techniques and personal experience are available to help you do the same.

Patricia C. Brooks, Founder and Courage Catalyst

Patricia  knows a thing or two about becoming passionate and growing bold. She re-engineered her life so that she spends her time doing what is most important to her, helping others find and live their passions. She is an Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, Project Management Professional, and Perpetual Student of Life.

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